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The Glow Method

Pro Tips for how to get the best possible results from your airbrush.

When I get an airbrush these are the steps I take:

(All products mentioned are items I carry, and they are AMAZING.) If you don't have them for your first tan don't worry, just use what you have, or stop by for free samples of everything you'll need.

1.) Within the 24 hours  prior to your airbrush, shower, shave and exfoliate with the exfoliating mitt. (Use a body wash that does NOT contain any mineral oil, parabens or sulfates. I recommend the Bikini Island body wash. If you don't have a compatible body wash and want to get the best result, I will happily provide you with a sample of body wash if you would like to pick some up prior to your appointment.

- If you want your tan to last even longer, start exfoliating once a day for 3 days leading up to your tan.

2.) Apply either HEMPZ or Moorea moisturizer after shower. If your skin feels thirsty you can also apply another round of moisturizer right before your tan. If you need some, I will provide you with some. Hydrated skin is key to a beautiful long lasting tan. 

3.) Immediately after airbrush tan, have the setting powder applied. You will smell and feel amazing.The powder will also help to minimize any issues from tan rubbing on to clothing, or incomplete tan development due to sweating.

4.) Wear loose dark clothing for at least the first 4 hours.

5.) Wait 12-24 hours to shower

6.) Shower with warm water and use your hands to apply the Bikini Island body wash so that you are not prematurely buffing the airbrush off.

7.) After shower pat dry with a towel

8.) Apply Moorea Moisturizer or HEMPZ lotion to body, and your choice of facial moisturizer.

9.) After about 4 days, begin to use the Tan Extender on body and face

10.) When your tan has mostly faded, or right before your next airbrush, use the exfoliating mitt to remove the remainder of the tan. It literally works like magic and just wipes the remaining tan right off. I use to try to just use a loofa for this step and when I tried the mitt, there was no comparison. The mitt is just too good not to use. It gets rid of so much dead skin, your next tan will last so much longer since the tan will be adhering to the newest possible skin. 

*Please refer to my before and aftercare section for further tips and instructions.

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