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My name is Emma, and I am the owner and Airbrush Artist at Glow Airbrush Tans & Skincare. I am a licensed esthetician and a certified airbrush artist.  I have worked as an airbrush artist since 2016 and absolutely LOVE it, which is why I decided to open my own business. When it comes to airbrushing, I am a perfectionist, very thorough and pay great attention to detail. I look forward to helping you achieve your tanning goals. Each tan is customized to best match your skin tone, your desired result, as well as any specific requests you might have (i.e. lighter on the face, darker on the legs etc.) 

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Did you know...

GLOW is the only airbrush tanning salon that allows you to wear lotion, deodorant and makeup during your airbrush tan. I want you to feel comfortable and confident before, during and after your tan, so if you want to hydrate with an airbrush compatible moisturizer, please do, and if you want to go about your day not feeling sticky, I offer a post tan setting powder which I will apply for you head to toe. Not only does the powder smell amazing, but it will completely take care of the sticky after tan feeling. It also has essential oils that hydrate the skin, and many have commented that the setting powder helps the tan last even longer! 

 It is a common misconception that you cannot wear lotion when getting airbrushed, however as long as you are wearing an airbrush compatible lotion, it will actually improve your tan by making your tan go on more evenly and keeping your skin better hydrated which will help your tan last longer. As someone who has received plenty of airbrushes, I know that after showering, shaving and exfoliating, my skin feels tight, itchy and THIRSTY. Not only is that an uncomfortable feeling, it also will only get worse after getting airbrushed, since the active ingredient (DHA) is dying to the skin. Apply moisturizer after your pre-tan shower, or even moments before your tan application. If you do not have an airbrush compatible moisturizer, I am happy to provide you with some upon your arrival. In order to be airbrush compatible, the lotion must be free of both mineral oil/petroleum jelly and parabens. The two lotions I recommend using are either the HEMPZ brand or the South Seas Moorea Moisturizer. I have both available for purchase as well as free samples. 

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