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Our Services

  • Customized full body tan that will get you looking & feeling your best

    60 US dollars
  • Set your tan and get rid of the stickiness. Matte or shimmer finish.

    67 US dollars
  • Rinse within 2-4 hours. Tan still takes 8-12 hours to develop.

    74 US dollars

  • 74 US dollars
  • Helps to both define or conceal areas of the body to enhance your tan

    75 US dollars
  • Get the works: Shimmer drops, contouring, and setting powder.

    75 US dollars
  • Your choice of either legs, or upper body+face

    45 US dollars
  • Look good all the time with or without makeup

    20 US dollars
  • Full body airbrush tan + complimentary setting powder

    55 US dollars
  • Want to discuss your options in person, or have a test patch sprayed.

  • Same great tan, but in the comfort of your own home.

    starts at $120
  • Includes 2 airbrush sessions & the best full sized aftercare products

    200 US dollars
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